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1. Did you have a song you considered your anthem/theme or was just your absolute favorite as a kid?
"Achy Breaky Heart" was one I was obsessed with. "I’m Not Okay (I Promise)" by MCR is my anthem.
2. Do you have a character that you relate to on almost every level, and who is it?
Surprise, surprise- Loki. You should know why.
3. Do you remember the name of your first pet?
I’ve never had my own pet. But the earliest I can remember would be Thor and Raven.
4. Let’s say you’re in a horror movie, what would you rather be up against (Vampire,Werewolf, or zombie)? And Why?
Zombies. They’re easier to kill.
5. Would you consider yourself on the side of the heroes or the villains? Or would you prefer to be an anti-hero or not get involved at all?
Anti-hero, most likely. But depending on the villain and their goals… I might ally with them.
6. Name a character you actually hate. One that you don’t love to hate or hate to love but most definitely want to see die because you find them just that terrible. And why.
Haruno Sakura from Naruto. She’s fucking useless in all but six episodes. She spends her time whining about Sasuke not returning her feelings (which are obsessive and slightly creepy tbh) and beating up Naruto, who actually cares about her (though I have no idea why since she’s a stupid little bitch).
7. Pick your top three favorite characters of all time. Now: FMK
Uhm… Loki, Superbi Squalo, and Alucard. Fuck- Squalo. Marry- Loki. Kill- Alucard (it’s impossible to actually kill the guy- he has like, a gizillion lives).
8. Three words that describe you.
Insane, caring, fluffy.
9. Would you rather be your favorite character, fuck your favorite character, or be best friends with your favorite character? And why?
Which favourite character? Loki? Fuck or best friends. Possibly both. Why? Because I can’t handle that level of awesome on my own. No way.
10. Tell me about that one pet you were closest to.
Mandy… Brittany Spaniel that I pretty much grew up with. We would take naps together, go walking together, play together all the time, and pretty much we were inseperable when I was at my grandmother’s house. I miss her still.

“I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.”
— Blaise Pascal (via arbiitor)

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the only people who call me cute live 7000 miles away


Anxiety is like perpetually hearing the boss/enemy music but never seeing the threat.


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“you might call me a hypocrite
for not taking my own advice.
but really,
im just trying to save you
from the habits that i cannot stop.”
— c.p. (via aurlies)


never throw me anything unless you’re ok with it dropping

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